DESIGN /  The first step in our book design process is to match each client's vision with the proper aesthetic materials. Our studio stocks hundreds of book cloth, leather, and paper samples for creating the physical structure of our books and boxes. And, our knowledge of special order materials means the sky is the limit with regards to executing the look of each project. The second step in our design process is to evaluate the layout and formatting requirements of the project. We are happy to work from previously designed layouts or design them from scratch. In either case, we have all the software and tools necessary to format the files for proper printing and binding.

PRINT  /  Our book pages are made from bound pigment prints, which are created using archival inks on a range of archival paper stocks. Known more commonly as giclée prints, these high quality prints are fine-art grade and have become a staple in museum collections. Unlike offset or digital offset prints, they offer smooth, continuous tones, with wider color gamut on a surface that is more elegant and less commercial feeling, albeit more delicate.

BIND  /  Our extensive knowledgeof binding styles and structures means we can offer a wide range of options to produce books and boxes that best suit the content of each project. Our bindings traverse the gamut of traditional to contemporary, including one binding style developed in-house which allows our books to lay perfectly flat while open. With coverings that may incorporate leather, japanese silk, custom printed cloth, and much more, our books can be as unique as our clients themselves.

DEBOSS  /  Uncommonbindery offers custom title/graphic debossing services to complete the customization of single and limited-edition books and boxes. This stamping may be done blind (no color) or in a variety of foil colors (including silver, gold, black, etc) and really takes our projects to the next level.